Health Care Insurance is now open to everyone!

Following the adoption of the new constitution at a special members meeting held on 6 May 2013, HCI changed its status from a restricted access health fund to now becoming an open fund. This means that HCI is now open for everyone to join.

The Board, Management and Staff of Health Care Insurance (HCI) are very pleased to announce an important and exciting change to the Fund.

We believe this positive change will provide the foundation for HCI to continue to grow and provide personal service to our members, both those who have been with us for a long time and new.

We hold true to the values of a not-for-profit fund where surpluses are reinvested in either cost reductions for the following year or in improving membership services.

We believe that the removal of the membership restriction reflects how our membership is evolving. It will help us grow the Fund, and more importantly continue to deliver to our existing members ever improving services and benefits, framed around the core values underpinning HCI.