The Burnie Challenge 2017

Feeling up for a challenge? Well the Burnie Challenge, proudly supported by Health Care Insurance (HCI), is being held again on Sunday 9th April at Hellyer College Oval. Start time is 11.30am. Single entry is $10 and teams of 4 can enter for $30. The Defence Force Recruiting Battle Run for Legacy is being held again. This more challenging event is limited to just 500 entries with 50% of the entry fee being donated to Legacy. This run will start at 10am. Single entries only with an entry fee of $20.

If any of our members are up for the challenge, we will once again refund your entry fee. Simply bring your entry receipt or mud stained wrist band into the HCI office to receive your refund.

*Offer ends 30/06/2017 and the refund can only be claimed after the event.


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