* When a newborn is added to a family, couples or single parent policy, the baby is deemed to have served the same waiting periods as the policy holder

Health care for me, my partner and our kids up to 23-25 years

At HCI it's all about you and your family, and we offer affordable hospital packages with no excess charged on child admissions. We understand that with kids come extras so our include orthodontics, audiology, speech therapy and generous pharmacy cover.

ME+US cover: covering me, my partner and all our kids (up to age 25 if full time student).
ALL OF US cover: covering me, my partner and all our kids (aged 23-25).

$250$500Note the maximum excess per policy for all categories except Single is double the adult excess.
ME+USYesYesThe excess for each of the first two adults admitted to hospital overnight.
ALL OF USYesYesThe excess for each of the first two adults admitted to hospital overnight.

There is no excess for day admissions.

^ Not exempt for the Medicare Levy Surcharge

Extras cover

HCI has two Extras cover options available:

Gold Hospital with Premier Extras provides comprehensive cover over an extensive range of services. Gold Hospital with Premier Extras includes Gold Hospital cover.

Active Life Extras is tailored to give you cover for what you need without breaking the budget. You can combine it with our Gold Hospital for a more comprehensive cover.

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