Best doctors

Best Doctors

HCI has partnered with Best Doctors to give all HCI members peace of mind and a clear way forward in their times of need.

Best Doctors provides access to a second opinion from the world’s leading medical specialists. If a HCI member has received a diagnosis or treatment for an illness, injury, or mental health condition, Best Doctors can arrange for a top expert to conduct an in-depth review of your case.

It’s a confidential service that complements the care your own doctor is providing.

With Best Doctors, you can be sure you have the right diagnosis and treatment plan. And you can be confident you’re making the right decisions about your health.

Best Doctors offers an array of services including Expert Medical Opinion, Doctor Online™, Find an Expert™ and Mental Health Navigator.


Best Doctors brings together the best medical minds in the world to help you get the right diagnosis, treatment and information when facing a medical condition. 

1. Call the Best Doctors team on 1800 830 082.

2. Discuss your medical needs in confidence.

3. Choose the best service for you.

4. Get the answers needed to make informed medical decisions.

Please also refer to the Best Doctors website for more information.

Request a member of the best doctors team to call you:

Frequently asked questions_

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Am I eligible for Best Doctors?
Best Doctors is available to all of HCI’s members. Whether you only have extras or hospital cover, all of HCI’s members have access to Best Doctors.
Can I still use Best Doctors if I am still in my waiting periods?
Yes! If you are a new or upgrading member, you may not be able to claim against your policy until your waiting periods have finished, but you can access Best Doctors for medical advice straight away.
What types of conditions qualify for Best Doctors services?
Best Doctors provides advice on a wide range of medical conditions. This can range from asthma, to sporting injuries, to chronic diseases and life threatening illnesses.
Do I have to travel or collect my own medical records?
No. You contact Best Doctors and they’ll handle everything for you and all of your contact with Best Doctors is over the phone or the internet.
If I use Best Doctors services, does that mean Best Doctors is now my treating physician?
No. Best Doctors provide second opinions and medical information only. Your local treating physician will still maintain all responsibility for your care.
Do I have to follow the Best Doctors recommendation?
No. The information you receive from Best Doctors is only intended to help you make informed decisions regarding your diagnosis and/or treatment plan.

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Mental Health Navigator

Expert Medical Opinion

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Find out more about Best Doctors services on their member portal.
On the portal you'll find online services that enable you to ask a GP a question, check a symptom and learn more about medical conditions.

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