This promotion is only open to members that join HCI on a new policy, or existing members who upgrade their policy*, between 15th July 2021 and 31st October 2021.

HCI wants to sustainably support both you and your chosen charity. That’s why HCI has partnered with LemonTree Fundraising to facilitate access to over 70 charities. HCI pays a fee to LemonTree to manage communicating with you and your charity of choice. On joining HCI, an amount equal to 4% of your annual premium for the new policy will be paid to that charity – for a top Hospital and Extras product, this could be as much as $425 (based on an Extended Family, policy of Gold Hospital with Premier Extras, with nil excess, and nil rebate in NSW).

The contribution to your chosen charity will be paid by LemonTree within 30 days of joining HCI. To make this sustainable, you are committing to stay with HCI for at least 12 months. Please note, clawback provisions are in place if you cancel your policy within the first 12 months. Also, the contributions do not constitute donations made by individuals directly to the charity and are therefore not tax deductable.

* Upgrade means changing from an existing HCI policy any new HCI policy that attracts a higher base annual premium (excluding any rebates or discounts).

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