Relief for NSW members affected by floods

We are providing members residing on the NSW mid-north coast and surrounding areas impacted by recent flooding with additional support. If you are experiencing financial hardship as a result of flooding we can:

  • Discuss your options depending on your individual circumstance and assist with premium relief.
  • We will support members who require hospital admission due to a flood related injury or illness and encourage members to call and discuss with us their individual circumstances.
  • We will provided options to suspend memberships due to financial hardship, and while you may not be able to claim during suspension you will not have to pay premiums during this period until your cover recommences.

Should you be facing financial uncertainty or want to make sure you're covered and payments are up to date contact us today.

Freecall 1800 804 950 or email and our friendly customer service staff will assist.

We would also like to remind members they can access the Mental Health Navigator by Best Doctors.

The Mental Health Navigator provides members with:

  • Confidential, expert support delivered in the comfort of their own home
  • A tailored treatment plan followed by a seamless transition into ongoing treatment
  • Access to a network of specialists that can be matched to their needs
  • A dedicated mental health nurse to guide them through the journey

The Mental Health Navigator is:

  • Confidential and secure
  • Completed virtually so you never have to leave the comfort of your own home
  • Provided to you free as a HCI member

Should you be feeling depressed, anxious or a suffering related a symptom and need a friendly, understanding voice you can contact best doctors on 1800 1486 088

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The new HCI phone app allows you to easily claim through the use of your smart phone.

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