Packaged Cover

Package your cover to meet your every need.

Gold Hospital with Premier Extras

Bronze Hospital with Healthy Extras

Gold Hospital or Bronze Hospital with Active Life Extras

Packaged Cover equals complete peace of mind with your HCI. 

Extras Cover

Gold Hospital with Premier Extras provides comprehensive cover over an extensive range of everyday expenses.

Healthy Extras meets your needs of the now, designed to keep up with you and all of life’s demands.

Active Life Extras Cover without breaking the budget.

Gold Hospital Cover

HCI offer comprehensive hospital cover with no excess, even on day surgery.
It’s that simple. 

Bronze Hospital Cover

HCI’s Bronze Hospital cover is an exclusionary product that won’t break the budget.

Health Care Insurance App

The new Health Care Insurance phone app allows you to easily claim through the use of your smart phone.

Get it on Google Play Available on the App Store