Under HCi's Accident Cover, for members with HCi’s Basic Hospital cover, if you are admitted into hospital (ie as an in-patient) because of an accident, then you’re covered for the related medical treatment – even if the treatment you need is not otherwise included in your policy.

It also means you can choose a private hospital for your treatment – and potentially avoid a long public hospital waiting list.

For Example:

HCi’s Basic Hospital currently excludes hip replacements. However, if you required hip replacement surgery due to an accident, you’d be covered for the treatment through our accident cover.

HCi defines an accident as:

An unplanned and unforeseen event, occurring by chance and caused by an external force or object, which results in an involuntary injury to the body requiring immediate or urgent medical treatment in hospital.

How to use HCi’s Accident Cover

If you have an accident that requires hospital admission for medical treatment, let us know as soon as possible so we can help with your accident cover.

You must provide us with documented evidence that:

  • you sought medical treatment for injuries arising from your accident within 72 hours of the accident, and
  • subsequent medical treatment was directly related to injuries sustained in the accident, and was provided in a hospital as an admitted in-patient (ie not in a doctor's surgery or in an emergency department).

Relevant medical treatment relating to your accident will be covered for up to 90 days following the date of the accident.

Other important things you should know about HCi Accident Cover

Note that HCi’s accident cover only pays for medical treatment you receive while admitted into hospital due to an accident. Other costs like GP visits or visits to the emergency department won’t be covered. Illness or conditions that develop over time, like heart disease or osteoporosis, are also not considered an accident.

Accident cover will not be payable if any of the following apply:

  • your premium payments are not up to date when you get treatment,
  • the injuries arise from unforeseen illness, pregnancy, self-harm or drug use,
  • the injuries arise from medical causes/surgical procedures, or the aggravation of an underlying condition or injury, and/or
  • the accident is covered under another insurance scheme (eg WorkCover or a private accident cover insurance policy) or under a damages compensation claim (whether or not you pursue such a claim).

Excess payments and waiting periods apply to HCi’s Accident Cover. Normal rules for medical gap benefits also apply. You can call us on 1800 804 950 for more information.

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