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Health care for me and my partner

Taking charge of your health care options as a couple is really easy with HCi. Making that important step as a couple - to be happy, healthy and worry free with HCi - is just a few clicks away.

We give you the flexibility to select the Hospital cover that best suits just the two of you. You’ll also be impressed by the generous range of Extras services covered such as major dental, physiotherapy, podiatry, and alternative therapies to top up your health insurance cover.

Hospital Cover for Me and My Partner

HCi has three Hospital cover options available for you and your partner - Gold Hospital, Bronze Hospital and Basic Hospital.

HCi’s Gold Hospital covers all clinical categories. HCI’s Bronze Hospital is an exclusionary product that won’t break the budget. HCi's Basic Hospital cover is a low cost option for the absolute basics, with the added benefit of accident cover.

It should be noted whilst Gold Hospital cover is comprehensive, the lower cost Bronze Hospital and Basic cover does have exclusions and limitations.

There are different excess levels for you to choose from to either reduce your premiums now, or ensure lower out of pocket costs if you’re admitted to hospital.

$250 Excess $500 Excess $750 Excess


Silver Plus


For more information – refer to our Hospital Cover page.

Extras cover

HCi has three Extras cover options available:

You can combine either Active Life or Healthy Extras with our Gold Hospital, Silver Plus Hospital, Bronze Hospital or Basic Hospital for a more comprehensive cover.

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Gold Hospital with Premier Extras

Gold Hospital with Premier Extras provides comprehensive cover over an extensive range of health services in this packaged hospital and extras policy.

Healthy Extras

Healthy Extras meets your needs of the now, designed to keep up with you and all of life’s demands. It covers the vast majority of extras services.

Active Life Extras

Active Life Extras is tailored to give you extras health cover for services you need, including general dental, optical and physiotherapy without breaking the budget.

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